Thanksgiving Day Search

The search for Gianina Reid continues, who went missing in Kalae in June. We had the Oahu Search and Rescue Team fly to Molokai to repel off the cliff in search for Giannia on Thanksgiving Day and the day after. Although this team put in more than 20 hours of search time over the two days they were unable to locate any sign of her. The team members were Becca Frager, Debbie Halbert, Jeff Dexter, Nimai Wong, Justin Brackett, of Oahu and Molokai’s team was Lester Keanini and Ku Keanini as their guides.

Thank you to Mr. Mel Chung, Nani, and Justin Lawelawe Wong, Alu Like, Melia Kalawe, Lucy Wilhelm and Cameron Tancayo, Sonua Lavia, Meyers landowners, Kimberlyn Scott, MPD, MFD, DLNR, Keani Rawlins and Lynn DeCoite.

Each and every one of you in the community who have expressed concerns and shared meals, snacks and drinks, we thank you again!

We will be keeping everyone updated on the “Find Gianina” Facebook page. Mahalo Molokai.

Saucie Dudoit


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