Thanks to Healing Hands

As many of you may have heard, our little dynamo Tamara Kai Hinanoe recently broke her elbow.  You will probably see her bouncing around the island with her new day glow pink cast. It is difficult to watch one so little in such pain and agony. We would like to thank all those that helped Tama chan get the care she needed to figure out what was wrong and how to hopefully get it healed. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Torrey Goodman, Haunani, Mel and Angle at the Molokai General Hospital emergency room. Dr. Traci Stevenson, Kati, Mokehan, and the staff at the Molokai Community Health Center and Aloha Care for helping to coordinate transportation and logistics. David and Judy Mikami, Heidi Edson and Cindy Brito for their help and generosity at the airport. Dr.  William Burkhalter, Dr. Alan Britten and the awesome staff at Kapiolani Medical Center for care during surgery. And to Matt and Melinda Yamashita and ohana and Jeannine Rossa for keeping track of Kira Kai while we were on Oahu. Lastly, to my clients for their understanding about canceled appointments while we took Tama over for surgery.

We are once again reminded of the abundance of care and aloha that surrounds us and we are truly grateful.

Levie and Miyako Yamazaki-Gray


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