To Tell the Truth or Not

Be careful with modern technology today.  If you “tweet,” someone might want to peek.  If you tell a story on Facebook, it becomes everyone’s open or space book.  Lesson – don’t “weiner” around with “tweedle lee dee.” 

Is truth on a collision course with our politicians, national security and our system of government?  Precious lives and trillions of dollars to defend weapons of mass deception and distraction.  Does greed, arrogance, false promises, etc. breed obstruction, corruption, reduction, and deduction in financial security?  How does this apply to Kaunakakai, Molokai, Hawaii, etc.?  Less money to educate, too much time to debate; the funds are none or late (furloughs, cutting programs, less teachers to teach, etc.). Hello, hello, can you hear me now? To tell the truth or not?

P.S. Mahalo Linda DeGraw for your cookies on Memorial Day.

Larry Helm,
concerned citizen


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