Taking Responsibility

I want to share some thoughts about the American Safari Cruise yacht that is now coming to our island on an overnight stay about three times per month.   I first met Dan Blanchard, the owner, at the Hotel Molokai a few years back along with his assistant Amy. They asked how I felt about them coming with a yacht holding a maximum of about 30 people to our island and these patrons would have the choice of choosing tour options which included the trek to Kalaupapa by trail and air.  Of course, I was very open.

Over a year ago, I received an email from Teri Waros inviting me and others to meet Mr. Blanchard. We further discussed the potential of this program, with an upscale client base coming to our island for learning about our lifestyle and culture.  

After learning about the intent of Mr. Blanchard’s enterprise, I felt even more comfortable about the program.  When he asked me I if it should be brought forth to the community, I told him that there seemed no reason for him to have a community meeting; the ferry comes in daily with a larger capacity to bring the visitors, and Island Air arrives four to six times per day.  

I need to admit that I did tell him that there was no need to have a community meeting. If this has slighted some of our community leaders, I apologize to each of you.  We have wonderful people in our community who have their heart and soul in keeping our lifestyle in check and I commend you for your willing hearts to keep this so.  I still feel that this enterprise is a nice fit for our island. It’s clean, it helps our community, and the proceeds will benefit struggling businesses, which will filter back into our community.  I want to come clean and let Mr. Blanchard, his assistant Amy and Teri Waros know that I will take responsibility for the trouble that my recommendations may have caused. I did not realize that it was that important until I heard the chanting, saw the signs and the many people at the pier– good Molokai people who have a heart with some fears to try to keep Molokai, Molokai. 

With my aloha for all of you,

Roy M. Horner


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