Tahitian Teams Rule a Windless Molokai Hoe

Tahitian canoe teams took the top three spots from a total of 101 finishing boats in last week’s Molokai Hoe. The winning team, Shell Va`a, set a new record for the 42 mile course arriving in Waikiki in 4 hours, 46 minutes and 4 seconds. The previous record, 4:50:31, was set by Lanikai Canoe Club in 2000.

The victory was impressive considering the lack wind and surf conditions that normally make for a quicker race. These conditions, however, are very similar to the paddling environment in Tahiti.

Molokai was represented by two boats from team Kukui o Molokai. Both teams were comprised of the best paddlers from all of Molokai’s clubs. The first team did well placing 27th overall with a time of 5:36:34. The second team placed 78th with a time of 6:11:43.

“This year was extremely hot with barely any wind the whole time. It was very challenging both mentally and physically, but it just makes the feeling of accomplishment even sweeter” said Dan Emhof, team Kukui 2nd team. Congratulations to all of Molokai’s Paddlers.


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