Sweet Home Molokai

Molokai, so beautiful with a rich, happy and simple everyday lifestyle.  Life is peaceful and we appreciate what we have from this Island.  

Every Molokai sunrise brings hope, happiness and a special new day.  We are reminded to continue kind acts to ourselves and others in the community.  We are reminded to act with love, care and respect for everyone — family, children, the community and visitors to our beautiful Island.

Every Molokai sunset brings a purification of spirit — forgiveness, release of negative energy in preparation for the next sunrise.  That is one of the purposes of sunrises and sunsets in our lives.  Not simply beauty for our spirits but a daily reminder to be the very best we can be, rest with peace at night and wake up with the happy heartbeat of the new days’ promises.  Sunrises and sunsets don’t care about material things. They help us appreciate every moment of life, though some may be difficult.  Each day is a new day filled with hope. A new beginning.  

We are all visitors on Mother Earth and are tasked with being respectful caretakers of each other, our cultures and our kind island home. Here on Molokai, we are all citizens of life; many mixed cultures, all with the same red blood in our bodies, with curious inventive spirits.

I have always loved and appreciated every day of my life.  I live life, not numbers.  Good things always follow.  Enjoy the sunrise promise each morning and let negativity disappear with each beautiful sunset.  Learn to let negativity go.

Saunoa Liva


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