Swap Your Wife

A New York television production company is currently casting for ABC's hit family show, "Wife Swap!" and has targeted Molokai in search for the “ultimate surfing family.” A spokesperson for the company said that they have never featured a family from Hawaii before, and that they were hoping to spread the word on Molokai about the casting call. 

“It would be amazing if we could feature a family where everyone – Mom, Dad and the kids – are all equally obsessed with surfing, the surf culture, and everything that goes along with it. In addition to surfers, we are always looking for other unique and interesting families who truly embody “the spirit of aloha.” I would be open to speaking with anyone who might be interested in applying,” said Meghan McGinley, the company’s Associate Casting Producer. 

Though the show’s title, Wife Swap, may leave some to wonder, the premise is simple: two moms from two very different families get the opportunity to swap lives (but not bedrooms – everyone has their own!) for a week. The surrogate mothers experience what it's like to live a different lifestyle, while teaching their host family a bit about their own. The goal is for both families to take away something positive from the experience, while also teaching each other why their beliefs are so important and beneficial. 

Producers are looking for two-parent families with children between the ages of 6-18 who are ready for adventure. Families who are chosen for the show receive a “generous honorarium” as a thank you for their participation. Interested parties can obtain an application, or refer a family by contacting Meghan McGinley at (646) 747 7959 or Meghan.McGinley@rdfusa.com. Be sure to tell them the Dispatch sent you.


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