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Sust‘aina ble Molokai Launches Clean Energy Hui

Sust’aina ble Molokai News Release

The newly formed Molokai Clean Energy Hui (MCEH) is an independent community-led group committed to help Molokai become the resilient, clean energy community we all want to live in. Launched and facilitated by Sust‘aina ble Molokai, which also runs the popular Hui Up appliance exchange program, MCEH wants to help our community understand and engage effectively with the often complicated processes and project proposals surrounding renewable energy. The group also offers early vetting and input to potential energy developers and other organizations to help them understand Molokai’s priorities, questions and concerns regarding the impacts and benefits to our island.

MCEH was inspired by the Molokai Clean Energy Initiative that ended in 2015, and includes many community leaders active in that early effort. Founding MCEH members include Matt Yamashita, Audrey Newman, Cheryl Corbiell, Lori Buchanan, Dean Chow, Katy Mokuau, Christopher O‘Brien, John Wordin and Artice Swingle. New SM Energy Project Manager Leilani Chow facilitates the group’s work on renewable energy, energy conservation and clean transportation options for the island. In 2021, MCEH priorities are to 1) advocate for the Molokai community needs in the renewable energy development process; 2) explore grid improvements to allow for more rooftop solar and local savings; 3) work with groups on clean energy’s role in emergency preparedness/climate change; and most importantly, 4) engage the Molokai community and all key stakeholders. MCEH’s mission and scope are broader and complementary to the new Molokai Renewable Energy Cooperative, which is currently focused on designing a competitive solar plus battery project for the island.

MCEH is partially funded by a grant from the Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation (HEICF), which supports community programs that promote environmental sustainability, community resilience, economic strength, and educational excellence.

MCEH welcomes Molokai residents who want to understand and advance a clean energy future for our island. To stay informed or get involved, please subscribe to our email list at eepurl.com/hnjeND. You can also contact Leilani at leilanichow@sustainablemolokai.org.


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