Super Heroes Invade Kaunakakai

Aka`ula School teachers put their costumes on to fundraise.

By Léo Azambuja

The Molokai League of Super Heroes gave Kaunakakai a little display of their superpowers. The super heroes marched through town Friday, with a huge entourage of children following suit. Town folks and visitors showed support for the crime-fighting troupe by cheering and throwing cash, gladly collected by the league’s treasurer.

The fun event was actually part of Aka`ula School fundraising activities. School teachers dressed up as super heroes, and walked around town. The school’s students joined the march, turning a calm and trivial Friday Kaunakakai afternoon into a carnival that lasted a few minutes.

The super heroes, wearing colorful costumes and hair-dos, added contrast to the otherwise sleepy town, with their 1960’s psychedelic looks.

Super Pink led the march, spinning lethal pink poi-balls. Super Purple brought a dangerous time-reminding wall-clock. Super Orange carried a broom stick with a fatal cardboard axe tip. Super Blue scared everyone with her blue porcupine hair-do and wrist power-guns. Super Yellow-Green protected the other heroes with a “Thank You Molokai” power-shield.

Kupuna Sylvia Adams joked, saying it was teacher-torture. She was the one walking behind the children and collecting the donations.

Aka`ula School is heavily supported by donations, partly from fundraisers organized by parents and faculty. The school-children often participate, adding fun and smiles to the events.

After the super heroes left town there was a feeling of security in the air. Besides protecting town against super-villains, the super heroes help guarantee the future of Aka`ula School students by raising tuition funds.

Mahalo to all who donated money during the lightning-bolt march.


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