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Suds for Service


Photo by Catherine Cluett

Family and friends of four ministries and churches held a free car wash Saturday behind the Store House in order to serve the community as well as to present the gospel in a new and fun way.

Though the church suggested a $1 donation, after the wash, the driver would unexpectedly receive their dollar back. Pastor Bill Umi said their main goal was to “see them drive away blessed.”

“It’s not our intention [to receive donations]” said Umi. “We want to really explain that this is a labor of worship.”

Umi said he originally got the idea from a Pastor in Canada and that this event was the first of its kind on Molokai. After seeing the success the car wash had brought, Umi said he plans to organize similar events in the future.

“We love the community and it brings us joy that this is a labor not unto man but unto God,” he said.


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