Student Sonnets

Submitted by Kumu Maile Naehu

The first and second grade students at Kilohana Elementary School wrote different forms of poetry in their classes, and some included drawings. Here are a few to enjoy.

Eagles are golden sparkly rings in a jewelry store.
An eagle is a carnivorous T. Rex stomping through the forest.
Eagles are beaked terradactyls [pterodactyls] flying over all volcanoes.
–    Malu Duquette, second grade

Barack Obama is a tall giraffe playing basketball.
Barack Obama is a thunderous applause.
Barack Obama is a cool shark hunting for a restaurant to eat.
Barack Obama
–    Maya Lima, second grade

Blah, gray
Cooking, devouring, plaing
I am too lazy to make my favorite breakfast
– Chaves Petronave, first grade

Inamona – Kukui nut
The inamona looks wonderful like tiny little fizz candy
The inamona sounds lovely like tiny rocks in a small bottle and like soft great music.
The inamona smells like ltos of bacon mixed with peanut butter.
The inamona taste like tasty mocha roasted with coffee beans.
The inamona feels like hard bumpy tiny rocks and soft sand crushed together.
The inamona makes my na`au feel wonderful like strawberry shortcake.
–    Elisia Poole, second grade


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