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Student Reflections

Community Contributed

By Kumu Maile Naehu

Here are some beautiful reflections written by junior and senior wahine from Halau Ku Mana Public Charter School. My `ohana had the honor of hosting the `opio from Oahu during spring break. At the end of the trip, I asked them to write a mele/poem that reflected all of their observations and experiences while they visited Molokai. When they turned them in, I was in awe with the ability of these young women to eloquently express themselves and allow any reader to share in their experience. It is keiki Hawaii like all of you that inspire me to teach.

Molokai’s so content so peaceful and slow,
chills the mind awakens the body and soul.
The wispy clouds that hover along the
mountain tops,
keep protection on the aina that never stops,
smiles, shakas and aloha fills the air,
as us learning people with open hearts love
to stop and stare.
Molokai so beautiful, strong and true,
makes you realize life, making you wonder what to do,
the world is lost crashing and going down,
but Molokai can win that from upside down,
because it teaches you the true meaning of
life, aloha and malama, to share,
to start protecting the land, the love ones we
cherish, and to do everything with
nothing but love and care.
-Skye Kaululani Rhoden

Pa`a kou a`a I ka ea o Hawai`i
Ikaika kou leo I ka ma kani anuanu
`Olu`olu `oe mai uka a kai
kuu kilakila kou kupu, kou pua a pau
Moloka`i pule o`o,
Ka aina wi wo`ole mau a mau
-Euliana Hudson

As the clouds dance in the sky outlining Lanai
We tell ourselves “Molokai mo betta”
When our feet leave the grass and touch the icy water of Keawanui
We think to ourselves “Molokai mo betta”
While the wind whispers in my ear the solutions of today’s problems
We tell everyone “Molokai mo betta”
Unplug from the world, yet feeling at home
We yell to the world “Molokai no metta”
When the last day approaches and you never want to leave
We know deep inside “Molokai mo betta”
-Maluhia Moses



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