Stop Molokai Ranch Windmills Petition

By Walter Ritte

The reason for the petition is to show unity and to help organize our community into a strong voice regarding industrial windmills on Molokai Ranch Lands. If we don’t try to speak with one voice, we will be at the mercy of the big boys (wind developers, the feds, the state, electric company and foreign land owner), who are determined to come take our wind for Oahu. The big boys will be here soon to divide and conquer.

If this billion dollar deal goes through, Molokai Ranch will be resurrected, along with their La`au-type development plans.

This petition is our strongest weapon to protect our selves from outside big boys taking our resources for their economic gain and dictating the future of our island.

Support and sign the petition, and look for our yellow sheets in many of our stores – we already have nearly 700 signatures.


5 Responses to “Stop Molokai Ranch Windmills Petition”

  1. capret89 says:

    Walter: Do you mean there’s hope for the Ranch??

  2. HappyHaole says:

    I think it would be nice to stop or control the windmill issue and therfore have signed as a supporter of the petition. But what is the plan?
    This is way bigger than Laua Point. No other island cared about Laua point, but this is energy for Oahu – they have a million residents who want it. The State is going to spend millions researching the undersea cable – nobody is going to be in the Molokai corner -even if all the residents agreed thats 8000 vs 800,000.
    Is there a real plan – How do we tell the Ranch what they can do on thier land if the State tells them otherwise?
    I hope the plan is not just to turn over the Ranch in exchange for windmills b/c that tells me you don;t object to windmills you just want the Ranch
    I think that is short sighted – you should get that plus free electricty for Molokai (thats 2-3 windmills) plus a dividend based on Megawatts produced ( like Alaskans get for oil) and then disburse to residents or you could have it dedicated to schools or other projects ( I dont like that b/c it leaves some stupid govt or organization in charge of the funds) but you need to get something forever.
    So while I support your fight- it would be nice to know what the real plan is – what is the goal? no windmills anywhere on Molokai? turnover of the Ranch? It would a good idea to start discussing the fall back positions so the island can be unified.
    I can envision the Ranch negotiating allowing windmills in exchange for more development rights and the residents of Molokai left on the sidelines. I think its way more than a petition to stop or control this issue.

  3. save the island says:

    What happened to the decision publicized recently which categorically states NO WINDMILLS DEAL? What was that all about?
    And by the way, the argument 800000 versus 8000 it translates into: “The 8000 is too small to count. They don’t matter. They are just casualties of development war”. Big fish eats small fish… because he is capable of doing it. How about “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU?”

  4. malali says:

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