Stone Platform Built on the Grounds of UH

On Friday, December 22, environmental activists Walter Ritte, Hanohano Naehu and Kalaniua Ritte traveled to Oahu to finish the construction of a stone platform.

The act provides closure to a dispute between the University of Hawaii and Hawaiians who believe the school had no right in acquiring patents of genetically modified taro varieties. Hawaiian genealogies designate one of their earliest descendents, Haloa, and the taro plant as the first Hawaiians.

The platform was built at the administration building at the University of Hawaii and measures nine feet by nine feet by four feet high. It will serve as an area for Hawaiian protocol at the school as well as a daily reminder that Hawaiians are the original occupants of Hawaii.

Kalaniakea Wilson was the coordinator of the event. Taro, Hawaiian plants and trees are planned to be grown in the areas surrounding the stone platform.


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