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State to Update Molokai Community on Operations at Kaunakakai Harbor

Governor’s News Release

Following progress made on Molokai about the future of Kaunakakai Harbor, the state of Hawaii and the U.S. Coast Guard will hold a community meeting to present the security plan for the resumption of port calls by American Safari Cruises. It will be held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17, at Mitchell Pau’ole Community Center in Kaunakakaki.

American Safari Cruises will resume its port call into Kaunakakai Harbor on Saturday, January 21, 2012. The companycancelled its port calls last month in response to community concerns. Since then, Moloka’i residents and officials have held meetings to discuss the future of tour operations in Kaunakakai. Department of Land and Natural Resources Chairman William Aila has been actively participating in those discussions on behalf of the state.

“I am pleased that we have settled the situation with American Safari Cruises, which could not have been achieved without the coming together of all the concerned parties,” said Chair Aila. “This meeting is the next step in keeping an open dialogue with the community.”

“The people of Molokai have shown leadership in seeking a resolution to concerns that were raised about tour operations,and we want to thank them for working with the state in an open dialogue,” said Chair Aila. “This meeting will allow us the opportunity to provide information regarding the resumption of port calls by American Safari Cruises to Moloka’i.”

Chair Âila will be joined by officials from the state Department of Transportation, the Maui County Police and the U.S. Coast Guard who oversee and ensure environmental, public and navigational safety in the harbor.

“I am thankful that Chairman Aila, the community and American Safari Cruises have been able to reach a peaceful resolution to this matter,” said Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa.

The U.S. Coast Guard will also be seeking public comment on a temporary security zone that has been established for the waters of Kaunakakai Harbor. Specific details on the security zone, including instructions on submitting comments, can be reviewed at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2012-01-13/pdf/2012-549.pdf.The security zone will be enforced one hour prior to Kaunakakai Harbor entries and departures by the passenger vessel SAFARI EXPLORER. Notice of the zone’s activation will be provided by broadcast notices to mariners and the display of a red flag at the Kaunakakai Harbor Master’s building.

Captain Joanna Nunan, Commander Coast Guard Sector Honolulu, said, “Public safety in Molokai remains our top priority and we are committed to maintaining an open dialogue with community stakeholders on how we can best serve our shared interests.”


41 Responses to “State to Update Molokai Community on Operations at Kaunakakai Harbor”

  1. kalaniua ritte says:

    we will just have to wait till saturday…..besides this issue is tiny compaired to MONSANTO AND MYCOGENS POISIONOUS DUST STORMS these past days in hoolehua and kualapuu!!!did any one else in these areas have sore throat,stuffy nose or headaches during this time?my whole family and other people who aroud us did.ARE JOBS WORTH THE HEALTH OF INNOCENT PARENTS AND KIDS WHO GET NO BENIFITS FROM THESE COMPANIES.THEY GIVE MOLOKAI ABOUT 250 JOBS BUT NEGITIVLY AFFECT THOUSANDS WHO LIVE,WORK ,GO SCHOOL OR COMMUTE AROUND THEIR FIELDS.IS THAT RIGHT?IS THAT LAWFUL?IF HOMELAND SECURITY COMES IT SHOULD BE TO PROTECT PEOPLE FROM MYCOGEN AND MONSANTO NOT A FEW PROTESTERS!DO WE REALLY WANT ANOTHER CORPRATE INDUSTRY HERE…. ARENT THESE TWO SHITTING ON MOLOKAI AND HER PEOPLE ENOUGH ALREADY!!!sorry for all the caps lock but the thought of my kids getting poisoned pisses me off.

  2. MakawaoKen says:

    There was vog in the air last week too. Causes sore throats, runny noses, sinus headaches. Hm. Gonna grumble about Pele too?

  3. Molokaiwahine says:

    We are pretty lucky as gas is $14.00 in some countries. We have it better then the rest of the world in many ways.Can we get beyond the past and move on to 21 century and be respectful to the environment and to the life which lives in the enviroment.And can we as people work together to make this a better island for all of us to live side by side?

  4. halemalu says:

    and who gets the bill for all this security?

  5. Finding the Balance says:

    But if those that were on the water the last time…and everyone protested and wrote in a civil manner, the coastguard would not have come in…They are only here because of what I am guessing someone talking loud about protesting again..

    There is protesting and then there is protesting…Words and actions can speak volumes…Protesting that harm others only hurts more…but as one Hawaiian said many years ago to a bunch of students..”Gone are the days of fighting with fist to fist. Now is the time to get educated and speak through the pen and words”..and he had the students in awe, along with myself with his passion and the love of his land as he continued to speak from deep within.

    The ship is here and something that has to be dealt with and an agreement has been made to figure out a solution to all of this…But why can not those certain few who are not in agreement with the decision of Walter and the Aha Kiole just tell the coastguard that they will not be on the water.. I could have sworn I heard the question asked last night if anyone could give an assurance that no one would be on the water protesting…No one could give an assurance….

    So many questions………and I know I heard the coastguard say that if there were no water protests they would not enforce this security zone….So lets try to figure that one out…

  6. Molokaiwahine says:

    The protestors created this mess! We all have rights not just the protestors.The Aha Kiole were very much present the 3 days the yacht came into harbor.
    This is democracy of the United States of America.All of the community should be heard not just the few….
    It seems the meeting that were held by the Aha Kiole had 60 people all the time. Where were the other 7500 or so at the meeting?
    The community has more pressing problems; Unemployment, domestic violence and drugs and more. Those issues need to be addressed…..
    Yes , people are upset about the coast guard, BUT LOOK TO THE SOURCE WHO CREATED THIS ACTION……
    Think about it……

  7. kalaniua ritte says:

    its not the protesters fault…if the ship never came there would be no protesters

  8. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Sounds like you invest alot of your time in other countries and been well traveled…What country is this? have you been there? or did you read it on the internet. I can write a sign up and post it on there does it mean its true?…most of the third world contries you talked about own the oil…I’m in the 21st century the $5.10 gas on Molokai is here and now…not the 1800’s gas wasn’t even invented yet or a car for that matter…$14.00 sounds ridiculous why not write the city’s name on here so we all can see for our self and make sure its not a hoaks. Or maybe your full of it…state facts not fiction. If you respect the enviorment so much I hope you don’t drive a car because it pollutes the enviorment. Or is it your stance that a certain degree of pollution is okay for you…lol

  9. Voices100 says:

    Amen- this is true. Don’t blame the protesters! Blame the people who no do nothin at all but point fingers.

  10. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    The so called representatives your talking about can’t even handle the state of hawaii budget shortfalls for fiscal spending and a failing economy. Wait wait but they making the right decisions for us on Molokai thats why we spending $5.10 for a gallon of regular gas while those in the mainland and outer islands spend a fraction of that like $3.00 average for a gallon because they making the right decisions for us on MOLOKAI no wonder alot of people on Molokai on welfare lets give the mainland people a taste of what we pay $10.00 FOR A GALLON OF MILK and see if they don’t end up on welfare… You know they say we have alot of people on welfare but only have a population of 9 thousand so half of that number works on the island that leaves us roughly 4,500 people on welfare wich is probably lower then that but just for stats I bet Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai have higher numbers then that on there welfare on there island…need to check it out but pretty sure about it…

  11. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    You from Makawao have you attended any of these meetings on Moloka’i??. Do you know what your talking about? yeah well remember your words…Actions have Consequences think before you act. I would personally like to thank the protesters for the security zone freedom and democracy at its finest…If you passionate and believe in what you doing do it. Thank you once again for the security zone aloha….

  12. halemalu says:

    the comments, some filled with racial slurs, have saddened me over the last few weeks. i am an old (75 years young) haole widow who loves everyone equally. i moved here because people are nice. i console mysel by knnowing that nasty people are only a few, and they love posting their poison on public anonymous forums. just have a look a TOPIX. it’s the seat of nastiness and hatred. where do the kids learn this from except what is taught at home and what they overhear there. the wrongful take-over of the Hawaiian kindom is one of the many blights in our history, i grew up in Europe and every country has a history of genocide and persecution.
    much of what was complained here about is the subject of big business trying to take over this island and making it another Maui or Waikiki. Heaven forbid. but we need to put things into perspective and allow a bit more free enterprise. lift up the fledgling entrepreneur and tell Maui county to allow permits. most of us are stifled by their rules and cannot eke out a living. perhaps that is the real reason why some of us are so pissed off?

  13. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Wow…surprising you should mention that…I have fought in 2 wars back to back not to mention other areas in other countrys conflicts…that people like you will never know about…I know the ways of third world countrys…you talk like you have been there… where have you been? what conflict have you served in? If so I probably met you at a Veterans affair on Molokai…I know what It takes and have the Medals to prove it…What about you? Have you sacraficed anything for this freedom you talk about…I seen third world LIVE not on the News I was there…How about you? I have been all over the world…people always talk like they know…do you really…We invaded another government on foriegn soil with guns with the intent to kill people and you talking about peace…Then why do we have a military??…legal murder is what it was under false pretenses of WMD’s it was considered a war crime by other countries…Afganistan was legal they invaded us first and killed…No they not perfect they WRONG that’s the problem…MAKE IT RIGHT!!

  14. Molokaiwahine says:

    Yes, the United States is not perfect, but in other third world countries if you disagree with their government you can be never seen again. And so far we have our rights of religion, freedom of speech, assembly and more. We all know the world is in chaos lets work together not be like the rest of the world…..Lets learn to respect and honor each other in our community….I know some people maybe evil but the choices they may choose will come back to them some how and sometime in their life they will have to learn some lessons……

  15. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Yes…Was the Hawaiian Kingdom in Debt?
    No…Only under special circumstances…
    Is the white house on U.S. soil or the district of colombia?
    Yes…They overthrew the monarchy and still nothing happened, after the investigation it concluded it was an act of war and illegal…till today nothing…
    When was America incorporated?
    …All people of the Kingdom of Hawaii who were citizens of the crown.
    Who was the only person killed during the day of the overthrow?
    …Everyone has Mana you have a voice and so do I a chief believed he had devine mana above a makaainana
    What was his occupation to the crown? the person killed?
    …A headman of a Hawaiian land division who also controls fishing rights in adjacent waters
    Who was a MU in society and what did they do?

    Is America a Country or a corporation????

  16. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Still living a LIE return what is rightfully the KANAKA MAOLI and let them govern the future of there people. This is about right and wrong. If it is stolen then return it. Simple. Why would I run for Maui council its a waste of time with there defacto laws. I run for LHG the people who will make a difference. This current system has been a failure ever since it was inacted. Other countrys call america the WELFARE COUNTRY because they can’t pay there bills and continue to borrow. You know ambercrombie was trying to sell off Hawaii to another country to pay off the national debt.Research your representatives before you end up driving on the other side of the road one morning and be waking up in CHINA not hawaii… People envy the Kanaka Maoli’s paradise they got 49 other states with billions of acres and they still want MOLOKAI what greed they also have other Islands and still they want this aina, all those schools and they want KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS when will it end ??…

  17. Molokaiwahine says:

    You should run for Maui council and make a difference, and then run for mayor and governor’s position….Maybe you can solve these issues that you have mentioned.

  18. Molokaiwahine says:

    Did the Hawaiian Monarchy collect taxes from its people?
    Could the commoner marry an Alli?
    Do you think you could criticizes the Royal Monarchy family and government publicly without penalties to your family?
    Who ownd all the land in the islands back in King Kamehameha days and after his reign as King or Queen?
    Did the commoners have the Mana or was the Mana just within the royal families of the blood line..?
    What was the Konohiki job with land?
    Just asking….

  19. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    People always ask have you killed people…I tell them well they trian us with guns and hand to hand combat with cadre so when we get there we can shake there hands and go home peacefully????…lol

    America talks of peace but is no different from 3rd world countries if they don’t do what we want them to do we embargo them…if they continue we warn…and if they don’t heed the warning…we invade by force to make them do it against there will…In the military theres a MOTTO its Ask them, Tell them, then Make them do it by force…ATM… watch what happens to IRAN in the striaght of Hormuz Been there too several times… What about you?

    Here we go freedom of speech in my military career they court martial you if you say anything negative about your command, unit, or war to the media and have special liasons to speak for you and the command and will pre select the positive 5 percent of soilders or sailors who think we are doing the right thing…the government controls the media too…

  20. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    It’s funny you moved here from where ever you came from Why? why Molokai why?…and now you want it to change this is what makes Molokai MOLOKAI…you new this when you moved here,yet here you still are today…there was probably more nasty people where you come from according to your writing…HAOLE is in no way derogatory its our Kanaka language…see they protray it that way so we no speak our olelo do you go to china and tell them not to speak chinese…we call it as we see it and haole is a discritive word in our language that means foriegner what was we so post to say your in HAWAII the only Kingdom in the united states…If you notice there is no swearing in the Kanaka Maoli Na Olelo Hawaii… all the comments you reading is written in your language called English from britan you people taught it to us how to swear and say evil things in your tounge and now our kids use it…because of cultural genocide the newer generation lost there olelo and are only starting to regain it back recently…I challenge you to go into a hawaiian dictionary and find a swear word defined by Kanaka Maoli Olelo Hawaii…Let me know if you find one…aloha tutu

  21. halemalu says:

    how peaceful was Hawaii before contact? there is no bad and hateful word in the dictionary. yet i hear cuss words frequently. frustration i assume. i am happy just to live my life out here on this island. my hubby’s ashes were put by kalaupapa lookout when he died a year ago. our love for peace, Jesus and Molokai will prevail past our demise. my daily journal will keep memories alive long after i am gone. those people you describe may have brought bad and unwholesome things to the locals over the years. i am however not one of them.

  22. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Hawaii was peacefull enough to have made a Kingdom and treaties with other countries after all islands were conquered under Tamehameha the great and citizenship was created under the Kingdom of Hawaii with a constitution, commerece and trade within a civilized society of there day with Kingdom laws…its funny the only person killed on the day of the overthrow was a Kanaka Maoli MAKA’I or peace officer(police officer)… No its not fustration it’s called education my generation and the younger up and comming generation has been learning more and more about our past, present and future and it bothers me that they can enforce laws that they already have broken themselves to secure Hawaii and then they want us to obey these very same laws they already broke…what a great Injustice to the Kanaka Maoli… I never said you did bring any harm to us but the orgin of english comes from your ancestors. Just explaining my point e kalamai ia’u if I offended you…but for example the word fuck is an acronym from the kings of england wich means Fornication Under Command of the King. You can research it if you like…I’m not saying you brought any unwholesome things…but right now your not supporting them either and agree you want change in Molokai but outsiders always want to change things there way not the Kanaka Maoli way…Its the people of Molokai that makes it what it is was when you came and what it still is today…sorry to hear about your husband…aloha tutu

  23. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    No one person can represent another thats the problem with the people here you have something to say then say it yourself for yourself. I am against the cruise ship monsanto and everyone who is for it. I have my reasons and will attend a public meeting to represent myself and my manao. There is no bill for providing security for the port. That’s what the Coast Gaurd gets paid to do, its there job discription. The protesters did what they thought was right in there mind to gain media attention and stand there ground for what they believe in IMUA to them… If you read the paper work from the actual meeting you would see the only reason there pulling in is for safety purposes regaurding grounding of the vessel due to protesters in the water in regaurd to human safety Imua on that too. It’s good to protest that is what freedom is for but it shouldn’t at any time indanger peoples lives this is where we need to rethink our strategy as far as protesting. Coast Gaurd is still allowing us to protest and needs to prove the intentional grounding theory that the boat cannot manuver itself in the mooring area to turn. The Molokai princess does it, there simular in size to the safari ship. You should never write what you feel on a piece of paper and submit it. Kanaka Maoli used the hula and verbal nothing was written the saying is “Actions speaks louder then words” besides you think there gonna waste there time reading all of it…To me no one is at fault this is the freedom and democracy at its best. I agree to disagree if you come on here and write something write something productive. You know evidence facts. Has the Coast Gaurd proven there point? How long is the vessel? What’s the turnning radius of the ship? How wide is the port entrance? I don’t see them using a tug boat to assit them while mooring. So is it proven yet is the question?…what we do know is the zone will exsist 24hours a day for 3 months and be enforced 1 hour prior to and 10 minutes after mooring and vice versa when exiting…Walter speaks for a handful of protesters not all protesters are on the same page and some feel like they have to go the extra mile to make a point its a free country do what you wish. Tourism is not a viable stable economy. Proof we had record numbers of tourist from 2000 to 2011 record spending and the state is still broke due to foolish spending by our officials the state is just as broke as the welfare recipients now what…Answer give us back all fishponds without the red tape and permits so we can join the multi billion dollar aquaculture industry providing Molokai with jobs economy sustainable cultural practices…but don’t make us have to get permits and red tape just to move a rock for a historical site. They by passed the laws for the super ferry why not bypass it for the fishponds. JOB (just over broke) Molokai get plenty job I work every day sometimes I get paid sometimes I don’t doesn’t matter still I work everyday just like our ancestors we don’t need money. Money is for luxury you want that go to the other islands you got every other island and yet you still want more (MOLOKAI) thats greed. You don’t like the life style then leave theres more opertunity in 49 other states and the other islands like oahu the concrete jungle of paradise. We love our lifestyle. We NEED air, food and water its all available on Molokai. MONEY is a want and luxury the root of all evil…

  24. Molokaiwahine says:

    Move forward and if you want to live the way the ancestors lived with monarchy, chiefs,konohiki and commoners(serfdom) then create it with the people who want to be ruled and share and work together .That is great…….

  25. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    It’s nice too see someone else shares the same interest, in PROTECTING AND PRESERVING our resources for the future generations.. Don’t waste your time with these people, if they weren’t brought up with the IKE HAWAI’I, then they will never know, LET MOLOKAI TAKE CARE OF THEM!!

  26. MakawaoKen says:

    Actions have consequences. Doesn’t matter how right the protesters think they are. They made their choice to make a stink and now all of Moloka’i has to deal with the steaming pile they left behind. This security zone is on THEM, nobody else. Be sure to thank them for their thoughtfulness.

  27. Finding the Balance says:

    Sometimes I wish I could speak better than when I write and yes there was so much more that I wanted to say at tonight’s meeting…Yes it is Clare again….So I am for the American Safari but I feel low at the thought of the zoning of the harbor.

    We forget we are talking about Saturday am when the early birds are out and about and then Sunday afternoon, when the paddlers are coming down from Kamalo.

    How can a handful of potential protestors bring a fear to safety where the coastguard feels it is necessary to come in and block the whole harbor. I totally understand where Harbors and the coastguard are coming from but in my opinion this is just adding more fuel to the fire…and now one issue has opened up another one and how long will this continue on and when will this stop?

    So many ways we can look at this from all angles but to be honest it is how we go about it. Do we fight angry words with angry words, or do we seek solutions and find balance and compromise where all sides with a passionate fire within can just respect one another no matter on their personal opinion and not push the boundaries and take drastic measures.

    Tonight I talked of trust and so what if a few protestors decide to go against their organization.Surely we do not need to resort to extremes and block off the whole harbor. Sure In knowing that if it was not for the previous water protests or the talks of staging another then the coastguard would not be resorting to these extremes..

    But the question that I have “ When is enough, enough..”

  28. Molokaiwahine says:

    I honor and respect your life style if it works for your Ohana and it is a positive energy with the environment and the other people who live around your ohana….. It is your choice and I hope you will respect other people’s choices….

  29. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    I am and I do…

  30. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Respect goes both ways you give it to recieve it… Don’t do something crooked and expect respect back… thats like me giving you a brand new car after you robbed the bank…lol…and sayin MAHALO NUI LOA come again…steal from me anytime…next time I’ll close my eyes…lmao

    Thats the problem they don’t respect the Kanaka maoli…

  31. kalaniua ritte says:

    cuz you think kids getting sick is funny. grow some balls and put your real name on your comments.this is my number 231-1099 call me, we can meet some where, talk about this ,just me and you man to coward…any time makawaoken.

  32. missin molokai says:

    That’s just stupid. The GMO threats to our health, the health of our keiki and the health of our kūpuna are very REAL and are not something to put off as a joke.

  33. pahula68 says:

    ONI PAA! We may not always agree, but we are guided by the same values and beliefs of our kupuna. There are agitators in the community stirring up trouble with untruths and, including me, got us so worked up. Joining the agitators is the two pro/con factions from our haole community who can be just as outrageous in their verbal attacks as our Hawaiian pro/con groups. The AHA KIOLE is actively working on an agreement through DLNR to establish protocols. If we had the assurance that this was still being worked on with the different moku’s, it would not have escalated to this heated point. For those who say “who the hell you folks think you are?” We are the ones that sacrificed, that remained vigilant in our responsibility to keep this island free from those whose only purpose was to destroy for their own gain. Remember When they got enough gold lining their pockets, they pack up and go home. We learned from our history of watching them come and go, leaving monuments of their greed as symbols of the past embedded in our red soil. ONI PAA!

  34. Voices100 says:

    Did the AHA KIOLE receive monies? And is this public information? What 501 (c) is these monies getting filtered through? Just asking.

  35. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    So after I pay for land and a house fully. I own it outright right. I still pay taxes on it yearly why is that?. It makes me wonder if I actually own it or not??. Then if you miss a tax payment they take it back. So do you really own it. Lets see we pay county tax, state tax, federal tax and then they tax you again for gas, water bottle, cans, food, road, sewer, electric propane,rail transit for oahu, electric for oahu windmills etc… every year its more taxes the answer is raise the tax raise the tax… keep paying taxes to a bunch of fools who spend it unwisely, america has a multi trillion dollar debt that makes welfare a speck when compared to it. Then instead of giving taxes back to us to decide what we want to do with it. The politicians bail out big banks and companies that come to us to repo your car or house when you can’t pay for it. When they couldn’t pay there bills our taxes did…then these big companies turn on you and take your house and car away when you can’t pay for it… Unincredible… The United States is running on borrowed money so they are on Welfare too… they had to hold a special session just to keep the government running because they ran out of money… RAISE THE TAX RAISE THE TAX…lol

  36. Molokai PuleO'O says:

    Maybe Dan should pay the Coast Guard, hes the one that wants their support, why should we pay for the COAST GUARD!! Its not our problem, this could have all been prevented…

  37. livaloha says:

    The money that funds the Coast Guard comes from TAXES. For those not familiar with the concept, it’s money taken from those who actually WORK for a living.

  38. missin molokai says:

    Just saw a news article that boasted that Molokai will be getting an estimated $10,000 per Safari Visit. Sounds good until you see that it’s about $7,000 (some are more) per person to be on the boat. That’s multiplied by 40 on the boat…$280,000! Wow! That $10,000 doesn’t sound so big now.

  39. beachgoer says:

    In response to the person who doesn’t think that $10,000 is enough money spent on Molokai from the yacht:

    – Don’t you think Molokai businesses would like to see more but the obstructionist/terrorists are the ones who prevent more money from being spent here? There’s no limit on how much money can be spent here – other than self imposed limits.

    – Don’t you realize that it’s up to US (Molokaians) to create [legal] opportunities to capitalize on the yacht’s visit?

    – Don’t you realize that the yacht has operating expenses, like fuel, insurance, food, wages for the crew, docking fees, etc?

    Let’s stop pretending that we’re being taken advantage of – that we’re somehow ‘victims’ of the yacht.

    The real criminals are the obstructionists/terrorists who have broken the law blocking free trade and cutting down trees. They’ve also shown a complete lack of Aloha and betrayed the *real* Hawaiian culture.


  40. Voices100 says:

    Who is dumping American Safari trash and taking it to our landfill?

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