State Budget Bill Includes Kalaupapa Positions

Hawaii State Legislature News Release

On April 23, Senate and House conferees approved a final version of the State’s Supplemental Budget This measure includes operating, capital
improvement projects, and grants-in-aid monies for fiscal year 2024-25.
The bill includes an operating budget of $10,395,945,997 in general funds.
While a variety of budget lines will influence Molokai residents, for Molokai specifically, the Dept. of Health was designated $122,556 for two positions at Kalaupapa.
“The budget bill that we passed today balances the ongoing needs of Maui, while also preparing our state for future disasters and working to diversify our economy and workforce to keep our keiki in Hawaii,” said Senator Donovan Dela Cruz, chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. “As with any budget, difficult decisions must be made, but we are confident that the strategic forward-thinking collaboration between the legislature and administration resulted in a budget that is proactive in developing a diversified economy and stabilizes core services and programs to address the needs of our most vulnerable residents.”
House Bill 1800 CD1 will be up for a final vote in both chambers before being transmitted to the governor for consideration.


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