St. Damien Church Bell

Tempting to ring and fun to hear but just letting you all know, especially the kids that hang around Kaunakakai town, that the bell at St. Damien Church is not a toy to play with.  We got scolding too growing up, not only from Father, but someone from the Pe’elua ohana back then because that bell can be heard from anywhere in town and lower Ranch Camp. It is rung only when we are called to prayer, when the Eucharist is being consecrated at Mass, at funerals/All Souls Day in memory of those who passed, weddings and special occasions like Christmas and Easter when the Gloria is sung.  That bell is special to us because it is a relic of the former Sacred Hearts Church (women’s shelter) in Ho’olehua.  Please do not play with it. 


Marc Aquino 

St. Damien of Molokai Church Parishioner


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