Speak and Interpret Local Lingo

“Ass why hard” means a difficult situation.  “Ahh I’m takin some gas” is a scolding, you are overloaded or bad luck.  Call it pidgin or chop suey language–that’s how many Hawaii residents communicate.  It’s a multi-cultural blend of ethnicities (Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.), status and environment.  Louisianans speak “creole” while many inner-city people talk in “rap.”  On Molokai it’s the colorful language of pidgin. Common sayings include, “You betta get good grade or I goin give you dirty lickin,” when parents are scolding their kids;   “Why you give me stink eye?” which is a dirty look; “I all bus up” means you are hurting physically or emotionally or have a hangover;  “The bugga wen score” refers to catching lots of fish or deer or if you gotta date; “Open da light” means turn on the light; “Try hold da line” is wait a minute during a telephone call; and “Oh, he get good voice” means he can sing. There are many more. 

Visitors, when you are around town or “whateva” and you hear the local lingo, smile, lift one eyebrow, throw a wink, nod, validate and enjoy. 

On another note, after 50 years Molokai has football.  The high school students practice daily at the Molokai High School football field.  There you can hear some of the local lingo.  “Could be another ‘Scoobie’ in the making!”  These students need our support emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually, and of course, financially.  The first Molokai game is Sept. 17.

Also, Molokai veterans, if you would like your benefits (our own physician and health services, etc.) it is because we lobbied and Senator Akaka made it happen.  Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans (MVCV) invite all veterans to show up at the wharf on Aug. 26 to take the Molokai Princess to Maui to attend and honor Senator Akaka at a luncheon.  Wear your yellow shirts, fee is $105 (includes round trip boat and lunch) and ground transportation on Maui is provided by MVCV.

“Catchu on the fly” (until next time),

Larry Helm
Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans (MVCV)


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