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Solar Scholars

Renewable energy system installed at Kualapu`u School.

ProVision Solar Press Release

When Lydia Trinidad, principal of Kualapu’u School, saw the school’s electricity costs go through the roof last year, she knew it was time to do something. Last year, the average electricity rate at Kualapu`u School was the highest rate in the United States. With the prospect of that cost going up even higher, the school’s local advisory panel decided to install a net energy metered photovoltaic solar system.

“We knew we needed a way to keep our costs in check and invest in a system that would keep our costs stable, as the price of power fluctuates,” said Trinidad.

After receiving a number of bids for the project, Trinidad chose to work with ProVision Solar, a company based in Hilo. ProVision president Marco Mangelsdorf said the system should produce about 20 percent of the daily power needs at Kualapu`u School. The system has the capacity to cover over half of the school’s daily power needs if the school chooses to expand the system. It is the largest renewable energy system of its kind for any public school in the state of Hawaii.

Trinidad said the school plans to create lesson plans on solar power, and use the system to give students the opportunity to study sustainable energy resources.   

While there is talk of developing wind farms on Molokai, more and more Friendly Isle residents are quietly taking their electric power requirements into their own hands. Friendly Market Center, Kamoi Snack-n-Go, Napa Auto Parts, Molokai Furniture and a growing number of homeowners on Molokai are embracing the sun as the clean, green and cost-effective solution to high energy prices.  


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