Sol Kaho`ohalahala – Maui County Council, Lanai

I consider jobs, food production and energy as the most important issues for Maui Nui. I am interested in creating new jobs for us through food production and a clean renewable energy future.  By working with our local families to grow and produce healthy food crops we can rise to a level of self-reliance, self- sufficiency and sustainability.

Government can provide incentives, technical assistance, agricultural resources, assistance and subsidies to help our families and communities to reconsider farming as a future direction.  Grow locally, buy locally; support locally and live locally – this is the island way. This idea is not new to Moloka'i but it needs to be encouraged and supported by government.

Developing a clean renewable energy future is a necessary and vital component which can make us independent fossil fuels.  Aside from the impacts we face from global warming and sea level rise, we are the most isolated islands located in the largest ocean on earth.  Focusing on renewable energy will help create jobs for the installation, maintenance and care of all manners of the industry.  This will enable us to continue our sustainability and our ability to live and survive in our islands of Maui Nui.

I will put forth policies to support and provide the incentives and programs to bring short and long term solutions.  These critical times provide us with opportunities and alternative directions.

My knowledge of government processes at both the County of Maui and the State of Hawaii levels, the experience of being a Councilmember and a State Legislator, being a collaborator and leader in community work and organizing and the ability to be a visionary for the betterment of our island people.  The distinction is clear, and my accomplishments speak for themselves.

Working with you to find solutions that will be good for Molokai in a manner that is transparent, inclusive and honest are the things that I offer as your Lanai Councilmember.  I look forward to representing you on the Maui County Council.  Mahalo and Aloha.


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