Snorkelers Beware

A warning to tourists and readers alike:

We were snorkeling at Dixie Beach last week, over the wooden stairs second cove over, Friday late afternoon.  It was gorgeous, a fabulous isolated beach, just us and the thieves. While we were in the water thieves helped themselves to our backpack and snorkel bag.

They got two cameras, one Panasonic GF1 camera with 20mm and 7-14 mm lenses, Fuji F100 and a wide angle lens (with our holiday pictures on them, including our diving with Tim and the turtles) two pair of prescription sunglasses, a ladies dark purple Liz Claiborne not to mention my favorite rainbow covered wrap-around cover up from Morrea,  and my husband’s navy blue sleeveless shirt with Tamalpais Aquatic Masters  written on it, from his swim team in Marin, CA. Oh yeah, they also took two pair of goggles, a pair of snorkeling boots and a beer. If you see them around we are Maui police report 10-50146.

It is too late for us, however and luckily the keys to our rental car were in a dry bag around my husband’s neck. We did love this island and plan on coming back, we just thought others could benefit from this unfortunate incident.

Also I read an old paper while I was there and I hope Smitty got his tools back, he is correct the person who buys stolen property is just as guilty as the person who stole it, not to mention the bad karma that the bandit is calling into his or her life.

Anne Steinberg
Marin, CA


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