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Skating By the Rules

Photo by Leslie Hibner.

With faces frozen in concentration and feet teetering for balance, local keiki got to explore the art — and challenge — of riding a skateboard. For some younger youth at the Molokai Skate Jam held at the Kaunakakai stake park, it was a first attempt, while others worked to perfect their skills in friendly competition. Over 130 keiki participated in this year’s sixth annual Molokai Skate Jam on Friday, an all-day event sponsored by Maui County that spread across the skate park, ball field, pool and gym in Kaunakakai.

Photo by Leslie Hibner.

Participants ages 5 through 13, including those from the summer PALS program and the Youth Center, were not only able to develop their skateboarding skills, but they also learned about the importance of wearing safety gear and the proper use of park facilities.

“[The event] teaches them the proper way to ride, and have common courtesy and respect for county facilities, as well as for their friends who are riding with them,” said Liz Lum, county clerk.

Everyone became winners at the event with prizes donated by the county and community.


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