Skate Park Facelift

Skaters take to the air on new ramps.

By Brandon Roberts

Skaters took Leap Day literally by flying high at the re-opening last Friday of the Molokai Skate Park.

With the strong support of Councilman Danny Mateo, Maui County Parks and Recreation provided the materials needed for the rejuvenated facility at Kaunakakai Park next to the Mitchell Pauole Center.

“It is a culmination of people coming together and working together for the youth,” Mateo said.

A skilled construction crew transformed piles of plywood into an obstacle course. Surfing the Nations, a non-profit humanitarian organization, lent a hand and helped the Molokai community create the beautiful skate facility.

Founder Tom Bauer said Surfing the Nations‘ motto is “giving back to the community.” The organization lives the motto, and gave the Molokai community and youth a place to play, practice and gather.

Kaoli Kahokuloa, a sponsored skater and surf champion at only 12-years-old, showed up ready to try the new park. Kahokuloa hit the ramps with style, catching big air and smiles while going all-out to show the spectators the park’s potential.

Skaters Stephan Eriksson and Liwai Kamaile were both involved in the volunteer construction of the park, and are now able to admire and ride their handy-work.

District Supervisor of Parks and Rec., Billy Amoral said: “We would rather have the kids here than out on the streets.” He added that the park will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The gate will remain unlocked and everyone is asked to show respect and enjoy this community facility.


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