Side Streets to be Widened

Friendly Market Center (FMC) has recently been approved for a Special Management Area (SMA) permit to subdivide a lot, a first step in widening Kamoi and Alohi Streets along FMC property.

The grocery store’s property falls under the county zoning area classified as Country Town Business District (B-CT). Those zoning requirements, set in 1993 during former Mayor Linda Lingle’s tenure, mandate that the two streets be two feet wider than their current width.

Alohi and Kamoi Streets are 40 feet wide, while the C-BT side street rules designate 42 feet.

The county is undertaking the road widening project, in partnership with FMC.

“It’s part of the B-CT. We have to comply,” said FMC co-owner Crystal Egusa.

The proposed value of the project is $25,000, if it is undertaken, according to its SMA application.

The permit to subdivide was approved by Molokai Planning Commission last week.

FMC also hopes to receive an SMA permit in the future to build a storage warehouse on the lot between Molokai Drive-Inn and FMC. The necessary subdivision for the road widening is also the first step for the possible building of the warehouse.

The MoPC has required McPherson to research more on B-CT, which will be discussed at the next MoPC meeting.

Last week, Molokai Planning Commission introduced Mikiala Pescaia as new chairperson and John Sprinzel as vice-chair of the commission.

Departures from Planning Commission

Joseph Kalipi, served since 2006

Radio persnality, public relations consultant and sales consultant for KMKK radio,Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity

“I hope that my presence and my participation on the Molokai Planning Commission will help to ensure our current and future needs as far as the scope of our work is concerned.At the same time, preserve our cultural value and the important things we love about Molokai – the people, simplicity of life, and that our resources are well-protected and preserved.Not only that, but so they can be cultivated and keep can going.”


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