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Molokai Dispatch News Release

The Molokai Dispatch is trying to strengthen the Molokai community through technology. Our goal is to get more news to more people using the networking website Facebook as a tool – especially our local Molokai readers. And we need your help to make these connections.

Getting connected to the Dispatch on Facebook and suggesting your friends do the same will allow us to better serve readers, through creating an instantaneous two-way conversation about news on Molokai. We will provide the latest news, and fans can keep us updated on their own events and suggestions on what we should cover.

Follow these simple steps to become a fan of the Molokai Dispatch.
1.    Go to and sign in or sign up (if you’re not already a part of this network, it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, and well as The Molokai Dispatch)
2.    Type “Molokai Dispatch” into the search field at the top. Molokai Dispatch page will probably be the first match. Click on it.
3.    At the top of the page, you’ll see a “Like” bottom. Click on it.
4.    Under the Dispatch profile picture, click “Suggest to Friends.” Select all or click on all those you think appropriate. 

Congratulations, now you’re a fan of our page and will receive daily updates in your newsfeed. We hope you interact with you more, so please leave your comments, make story suggestions, join in our Facebook Mana`o’s and discuss our stories with your friends. 


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