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Sharing the Magic of Books

First Book-Molokai News Release

First Book-Molokai has awarded book grants to Maunaloa Elementary School, Kaunakakai Elementary School fourth and fifth grade classes, Aka`ula School, Molokai Middle School and Molokai High School.  First Book-Molokai provides new, high quality books to children and youth to start their own home libraries.  They also receive bookplates on which to place their names celebrating the importance of book ownership.

The $5,000 book grant we received from the Friends of Hawaii Charities, Inc. has enabled our program to give thousands of enticing new books to the children and youth we serve on an ongoing basis.  The Friends of Hawaii Charities, Inc. provides needed funding for Hawaii’s nonprofit organizations that benefit women, children, youth, and needy programs.  Partnering with Sony Open charity partner, the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, the Friends of Hawaii Charities, Inc. has generated more than $14,000,000.00 since 1998, benefiting hundreds of Hawaii nonprofit organizations.  First Book-Molokai is very grateful for their continued support.

First Book-Molokai has been distributing books to local literacy programs since 1994, and has distributed more than 14,000 books to schools and nonprofit literacy organizations.  Through First Book-Molokai educators create enriching learning experiences for their students.  Monthly book distributions are accompanied by curriculum units designed around awarded books, teaching parents how to read with their children, rewarding students for recreational reading efforts, pairing older and younger children to read to each other, linking books with science activities, and other engaging literacy experiences.  Books are given to children to take home and start their own home libraries.

“The students get excited when they receive their very own book from First Book. They can’t wait to open it up and look through it and start reading,” said one teacher about the First Book-Molokai experience. “They’re excited to read it in class and 
take it home to share with their family.  Through the First Book program I am able to bring the joy of reading to my
students.  I am able to expose them to genre or books they may not choose themselves.  First Book-Molokai also supplements my science and social studies programs.  It’s been a valuable resource.”

“New books always give students a positive boost,” said another Molokai teacher who received a grant. “Reading material that is strategically chosen for specific learning purposes improves the quality of instruction by giving both students and teacher a common focus for discussions and writing.  Students really begin to grow when connections can be drawn between situations in books and their own lives.”

For more information on how to apply for a grant or purchase low cost books through the First Book Marketplace, please contact First Book-Molokai Advisory Board Chair, Siri Anderson, at 567-9067.



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