Shame: In the Crosshairs of the Reaper

The white red and blue
just flew
reaper drones to Hawaii Nei.*

So, what would Lili’uokalani
Her Majesty The Queen
have had to say
as drone pilots train to play
God, absent
from the sky…

This is America?
that is a lie.

This is stolen land occupied by
uniformed women and men
with misguided aims and pride
drinking Mai Tai’s and hi-
jacking waves after nine-to-five’s
spent learning from hawks
just how to fly
wearing aloha shirts
never asking why
life is blurring
into a video game.

So, what would Lili’uokalani,
Her Majesty The Queen
have had to say
if she were alive today
if not
as drone strikes continue
to kill and to maim
half a world
in the name of the same
people who came to her palace
locked her up
stole her kingdom and her crown
saying she’s the one to blame
because white always
thinks might makes right
and she was brown
just like those beautiful souls
in the crosshairs of the reaper
drones today
half a world away
from the pilots here in Hawaii Nei
where the white red and blue
have their true colors on full display
and the brightness in the eyes
of those who here remotely fly
the killer drones in far off lands
will soon be fading, by and by
to forever

*Two of the six Reaper assassin drones designated for Hawaii arrived in mid-September. Guam is also scheduled to have six Reaper drones. As a part of the new Marine strategy in the Pacific, the Marines will join the Air Force and CIA in operating killer drone, the same ones that have killed countless civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, and throughout the Arab world, Asia and Africa over the past two decades.

Communities across Hawaii, including Molokai, will be affected by drone operations. Marines will practice flying the drones from Kaneohe throughout Hawaii, similar to the Osprey aircraft we regularly see today. The drones will practice killing human beings overseas by blowing up targets and desecrating Hawaiian land.

Jayson R. Mizula


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