Senator Candidate Talks Story

Wrapping up his six-week talk story sessions around the state, U.S. senator hopeful Ed Case visited Molokai last Friday to meet with community members and hear from his constituents.

Case is running for the seat currently held since 1990 by Senator Daniel Akaka, a fellow Democrat who has said he will not seek reelection. Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, another Democrat, has also announced her candidacy for the seat.

Prior to meeting local residents at Kulana O`iwi and touring the island Friday, Case sat down with the Dispatch sat down to discuss politics and local issues.

A former member of the House of Representatives from 2002 to ’06, Case said he traveled to Molokai a few times a year to stay up to date on island concerns.

“I am not starting from scratch on knowing what the issues are,” he said.

Touching on current issues that surround the friendly isle, Case said he believed the top issues facing Molokai include boosting the economy and creating jobs, protecting the environment and resources, and ensuring local issues are heard at the state and federal levels.

He is “supportive of tourism at an appropriate level” and said it is up to the community to decide what that level might be. He said he also advocates for local agriculture, including Monsanto and local farmers.

“It’s about making sure agriculture survives and prospers here. Yesterday it was pineapple, today its Monsanto and it can change tomorrow,” he said.

Case said he believed the upcoming poll will be perhaps the most important election of this generation, and urged Molokai residents to vote.

This is a “crucial election for the state, no matter where you are from in Hawaii,” he said. “I think our country needs a lot of help in Washington. Whether you are from Maunaloa or Mississippi, this country needs help.”


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