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Seed Company Provides Local Plants


Molokai Seed Company News Release

Established in 2008, Molokai Seed Company provides high quality seed and planting material. We sell products to the homeowner, farmer, and home gardener with sustainable agriculture in mind. Our motto is “seed for conservation and sustainable agriculture.”

Currently we have two products available: “Sunshine” Vetiver and “Tropic Sun” sunn hemp. Check our website, molokaiseedcompany.com, as we expand our product base into other seed crops. We are also planning to have additional products like Fu Man Chews, which are of premium quality.

“Sunshine” Vetiver may be the single best method to control soil erosion and provide slope stabilization. This plant has the ability to save and protect property. When planted in a row, it forms a dense vegetative hedge, ideal as a vegetative barrier because it doesn’t produce seeds, has long roots, stiff stems, and can thrive in very poor soil. Vetiver is a grass which flourishes in tropical and sub-tropical climates, ideal for Molokai’s ever present erosion concerns. Vetiver is considered non-invasive. It is very resistant to deer and is known to be wind and drought tolerant.

“Tropic Sun” sunn hemp is one of the best cover crops/green manures on the market. ‘Tropic Sun’ adds 147-plus pounds of nitrogen per acre, more than two tons of green manure, reduces plant parasitic nematode populations in a crop rotation system, and is non-toxic to animals and livestock. It also conserves soil moisture and suppresses weeds. “Tropic Sun” is sold by the pound and anyone can benefit from its use as it acts as a soil conditioner and provides the grower the opportunity to grow their own all natural fertilizer. It is also excellent as a food plot crop for axis deer and black buck.

For more information, call Brad at 658-9979 or email info@molokaiseedcompany.com.


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