Searching for Families of Fallen

For the past 11 years, I have worked on the Wall of Faces project with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the organization that built the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC. 

I started working on Maui to find the photos of all 42 Vietnam fallen from Maui County. Within six months and with the help of the Maui News, all 42 photos came in. Molokai High School was very helpful. 

I have not been able to find all the families to date and am seeking information on several Molokai families. I am writing a book about my experience with this project and would like to know a little more about each of our fallen. Those on Molokai I am hoping to find would be the families of Charles Crane, Douglas Flores, and John Rego. 

If you have any information on how to contact them, please email me at or call my number, 808-276-5455. 

After 11 years, as of two weeks ago, we found the last photo we needed out of 58,276 photos needed. Mission accomplished! 


Janna Hoehn


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