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School Receives Peace Grant

Kualapu`u School News Release

Kualapu`u Public Conversion Charter School has received a $50,000 grant from the “Pillars of Peace Hawaii” fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation.  The grant will sustain and improve Kualapu`u School’s implementation of “Getting Along Together,” a school-wide social and emotional learning program that helps children develop empathy and compassion, manage their behavior, focus their thinking, build positive social relationships, and understand and cope with their feelings in ways that support learning and life success.  The funding will support training for the entire school staff including EAs and custodians, four parent workshops, and a one-year part-time administrative position to support the Student Services Team.

One of the programs tools for resolving conflict is the “Peace Path” – a painted area on the sidewalk where children can walk through the steps and talk through a disagreement using communication skills practiced in classroom exercises.  Earlier this year, Koki Foster, Kualapu`u’s art teacher, overheard a conflict between third graders who wanted to use the same art supplies. Another student stopped their squabble and told them “You guys need to use the Peace Path.” The two boys ran outside, walked the Peace Path together, and returned to the classroom with a clear idea of how to share the supplies.

“I feel excited that the social/emotional aspect of our children will be an even stronger part of the curriculum at Kualapu`u,” said Geneva Castro’Lichtenstein, Kualapu`u’s School Counselor. “It’s just as important a content as academics.”

Kualapu`u School also recently received a $200 grant from “Fire Up Your Feet” for PE equipment.


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