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SB2785 Passes the Senate

Community Contributed

Mahalo to all those who testified in opposition to Senate Bill 2785, a bill which, according to legislators, provides a framework for Big Wind. Legislatures commented about all your calls, letters, visits and emails – we got their attention.

The bill passed at the very last minute, with acknowledgements of our concerns. The senate floor discussion on SB2785 centered on opposition from Lanai and Molokai. Senators Hee, Chun Oakland and Slom voted “no”, and we congratulate and thank them for having courage to say NO. Ten senators voted “with reservations,” which means that a majority of the Senate had problems with this bill.

Now we need to raise the volume and expand the audience. We need to let HECO ratepayers know what this bill really will do.

It was misleading to hear senators, especially the Chair of the Senate’s Committee on Energy and Environment, say that all the bill does is establish a regulatory framework should a cable be built. That’s really not all it does. What it really does is give the green light to potential cable developers by guaranteeing them and HECO a complete recovery of their expenses through HECO ratepayer bills.

Watch out, Molokai, Pattern Energy aka Molokai Renewables is gearing up. The finance company for Pattern Big Wind developer is Biological Capital, which has formed a company called Hawaii Interisland Cable Company. Sen. Gabbard may say SB2785 was not to build a sea cable today, but there is a company waiting in the wings.

Continue to speak out and educate your neighbors, friends, and family to say no to Big Wind and the undersea cable.

Cheryl Corbiell, Molokai resident


One Response to “SB2785 Passes the Senate”

  1. random says:

    Seriously, how can the two elected senators for Molokai vote YES? Is the majority of Molokai residents in support of this undersea power cable? Oahu and the Big Island not going provide Molokai with the electrical demand. WE going provide THEM; mostly the crowded place of Oahu.

    Is the rich minority of Molokai residents in support of the undersea power cable? Do they have stocks and shares invested in Big Wind?

    I’m sorry but this is NOT PONO. Gabbard, the bill may not say we build the cable, but you’ve already given permission. That’s LOLO.

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