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Save the Trees

This is from an outraged member of the community regarding the cutting dawn of healthy, beautiful trees at Kaunakakai Elementary School. Two years ago, they cut down several trees; one was a gorgeous Magnolia tree. When the wind blew one way it became a shiny, silver green. The other direction revealed a beautiful, soft rusty brown.

 Today, I watch with a broken heart as the tree butchers cut down two of the healthiest trees anywhere around, and the other day they “trimmed” a tree that’s been dying for years and is just barely alive yet still standing.

 Trees clean our air to keep us healthy. God knows with the fog that blows over here we need all the help we can get. Whatever happened to the theory that trees belong to the land? Who gave the tree butchers the authority to cut down the very things that help us stay healthy? Isn’t clean air just as important as water?

 My tears don’t understand such injustice.

 Carolyn Havens


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