Satisfy Your Malasada Craving

St. Damien Parish News Release

Malasadas — more than just a donut. When Portuguese laborers from the Azores and Madeira arrived in Hawaii in 1878, they brought their traditional foods, including the malassada — now commonly spelled as malasada. A staple for anyone who has grown up in Hawaii, the malasada is a yeasted donut that is deep fried, and coated with sugar and sometimes cinnamon, offering a slightly chewier and fluffier texture than an everyday donut.
In high demand, malasadas are known to sell out quickly when offered for sale. However, here on Molokai, there is a scarce supply of this beloved delicacy. St. Damien Parish aims to meet this demand by offering freshly made malasadas for sale on Saturday, May 25, in the front courtyard from 8 a.m.-12 p.m., or until sold out for $10 per bag of eight malasadas
Don’t miss this opportunity to savor these delightful fried treats produced by St. Damien Parish!


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