‘Santa’ Looking for Someone

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My wife and I vacationed on Molokai for the second year in a row in March and early April this year, truly paradise. When we were returning on April 3 to our home in Texas, we met a remarkable young man. He was on Ohana / Hawaiian Air flight 611 to Honolulu and on HawaiianAir 386 to Maui. I believe he was going there for medical treatment. He was teasing me about my resemblance to Santa, and some times he could be right. I would enjoy contacting him to fulfill his request, a special item he wanted Santa to bring him. He was a big guy who had been injured in a serious auto accident and it cut short his weight lifting and surfing, which he seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed. His dad was from Detroit and his mom was Hawaiian. He lives on homestead land. Both of my sons are big guys as well and I enjoyed our time together on both flights, we sat directly across the aisle from one another. He has provided us with many hours of memories of Molokai and the special people who inhabit the island. We stay on the east end in a small house on the water and know we have found a special place to relax and recharge. We enjoy the kapuna and try to catch each performance when on the island. Any help locating this young man would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Bob Young




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  1. Bob says:

    We found him and he got his present from Santa!

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