Sailing to Empowerment

Youth In Motion News Release

Youth in Motion’s Ocean and Sailing program will commence on Saturday, August 14, 2010. Participants will learn to sail, stand up paddle, American Red Cross learn-to-swim levels, basic water safety and kayak.
YIM is also reviving the festival “A Celebration of Youth Opportunities” or “Na Opio Hana Pa`a” in 2011 at Malama Park. YIM is looking for volunteers and donations for the Sailing and Ocean awareness program and the festival for 2010/2011. All ages are welcome but for those under 11 years old, adult supervision will be required.

YIM is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering, equipping, educating, challenging and motivating youth through activities that engage and develop their mental, emotional and physical skills on the land and in the ocean. YIM was formed in 1997 with emphasis being placed on after-school and intersession with windsurfing, American Red Cross learn-to-swim, and kayaking instructions.

For more information about Youth In Motion, upcoming program, and events please contact Clare Seeger Mawae at (808) 553-4477 or (808) 336-0946. You may also contact Clare via email at


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