Sabers Down the Farmers

The Lady Farmers soccer team was again bested by a Maui team, as the Maui High Sabers defeated Molokai in both of last weekend’s games.

Friday’s match wasn’t easy for the Lady Farmers as they suffered seven goals from the Sabers. The final score of 0-7 marked the eleventh loss of the season.

“It took a while for the girls to get into the game. They were a little too relaxed in the beginning, and it took a while for them to back into it,” head coach Jason Keanini said.

Saturday morning’s final score was a mirror image of the Friday’s match, but the Lady Farmers did not give up easily.

The Farmers were without their normal goalie, Susan Smith, who recently moved to Oahu.

Ape Tangonan started as the keeper position this past weekend for the Farmers. The Maui  High offense spent much of their time shooting goals on Tangonan, and she was able to block numerous shots.

It looked like Molokai had a few chances to score a goal toward the end of the game, but they came up short. The final score was again 0-7.

The Lady Farmers will face Seabury Hall on Maui this weekend and will come back next weekend for their last home and final Maui Interscholastic League match.

“All of them are getting great experiences day in and day out,” said coach Jason Keanini.


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