Resurrecting Wharf Catwalk

Short and long term solutions discussed by engineers
By The Molokai Dispatch Staff

As most know by now, the collapse of the catwalk at the Kaunakakai Wharf on January 19 left the boat ramp without a loading dock for passengers.  Last week representatives from the State visited the site and made recommendations about what the future catwalk could look like.

But the state was unable at this time to give specific details about the dimensions and composition of the new structure.  

“We understand the urgency of the repair work and are working hard to come up with a solution,” says Deborah Ward, Information Specialist for the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).

A structural engineering consultant has been contracted to develop a design for replacement of the dock.  The DNLR boating engineer visited the site last week to assess the situation and will work to develop a short term plan and a permanent solution.  The state is still trying to find some funding so they can do the emergency repair.  

The major improvement to the dock will be increased access for physically challenged people.

The Kaunakakai harbor agent, Bernard Strehler, took the Lt. Governor Aiona on a tour of the harbor and he viewed the collapsed finger pier and was briefed on repair plans now under development including an immediate demolition and removal of fallen finger pier and hazardous cement pieces in area; possible construction of a temporary wood finger pier to replace the fallen finger pier short term; and the construction of a permanent, improved, ADA compliant finger pier in the future.  

Since the loading dock failure, warning signs and physical barriers were constructed, which will have to remain until a temporary pier can be built.

Harbor Agent Strehler is currently soliciting proposals from Molokai contractors for demolition of the failed concrete section.  


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