Response from Mokulele

A detailed response was provided to Ms. Thomas, with a shortened version printed here. It is unfortunate that road construction delays caused her to miss this important flight.  

 Kaiser Travel was incorrect about seat availability on the Molokai to Honolulu route.  At the time of this inquiry, there were multiple seats available every weekday for the rest of the month (except for Oct. 6). We have offered to speak directly with Ms. Thomas’ Kaiser representative to resolve, but thus far have not been provided any contact information.

Missing a flight due to road construction is neither the fault of the airline nor the passenger. We would be happy to pass along any information about road closures that is provided to us by DOT.

We responded to the Molokai community’s demand for better on-time performance. Check-in cut-off times are critical to make this happen. In this case, the passengers missed the check-in time and arrived after the flight was closed. The boarding door closed at 9:20 a.m. for an on-time departure. While we are compassionate about the situation that Ms. Thomas encountered, and there are items for which Mokulele can accept criticism, it is in no way fair to ask us to accept criticism for providing an on-time departure for every other passenger on this flight.  As for our check-in cut-off times, I believe them to be the most generous of any airline operating in Hawaii. 

Mokulele adds flights for medical needs almost every time a request is received.

Fifteen airlines have ceased operation after serving Molokai and only Mokulele has survived.  History has proven that two airlines cannot exist on Molokai without each diluting the other’s business to the extent that neither is sustainable.  Should Mokulele lose market share, those losses would need to be offset by fare raises and/or service reductions.  Mokulele is committed to Molokai for the long-term and just placed a deposit on 100 new aircraft that will start arriving this spring. 

Keith Sisson 

 Chief of Staff

Southern Airways Express / Mokulele Airlines


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