Residents Protest Inaction in Utility Case

From left: Sam Ford, Lorna Huizinga, Judy Caparida, and Janet and Paul Mullin.

“We see a lot of legal bickering and carrying on, but we don’t see a lot of people telling the people of Molokai how to carry on,” said Paul Mullin, West End resident. He organized the protest held last Thursday because of frustrations he has over a lack of action being taken in the water utility situation on Molokai.

East End resident Judy Caparida passed the demonstration held in front of Molokai Public Library, and decided to pick up a sign to join in on the protest. “I’m over here with my newfound friends. I’m from the east, and they’re from the west.”

Regardless of their personal views of how the situation should be handled, Caparida said, “water doesn’t separate us.”


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