Request for Veterans Board of Directors

The undersigned are all members of Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans (MVCV). The purpose of this letter is to request the Board to add two items to the annual meeting scheduled for Dec. 6. 

The first request concerns the proposed change of membership requirements. Currently, to become a member of MVC you must be a veteran of the Armed Forces. The new proposal would expand the membership to include spouses and children. The original membership requirements were approved by the IRS. Although a change of membership requirement is allowed by the IRS, the change would significantly affect the way this organization elects officers and directors. We believe that a vote is necessary before any change is made to the membership requirement. 

The second request is to have a membership vote on the proposed lease of a building in Ho’olehua. Signing a lease on the building will incur additional obligations on the part of this organization to operate and maintain the building. It is a significant change from its current operation. The expenses for operating the Veterans Center in Kaunakakai is approximately $14,000. It is paid by a grant from Maui County. There is not sufficient surplus in the treasury to handle any unforeseen damage to the building. Before MVCV can take on any additional funding burden, the membership needs to vote on the project. 

Please place both items on the agenda for the annual membership meeting and publish your response to this letter in the Dispatch so that all veterans can read it. 


John Aki 

Kekoa Copp 

Sam Kealoha, Jr. 

George Kahinu 

Ramiro A. Castello 

Greg M Okina 

Pat Furey 

Ronald Cabanting 

Russell Phifer 

Michael A.A Helm 

Mark Kawano 

Robert Hardin 

A. Douglas Barnd 


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