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Report Surf Damage Online

Maui County News Release 

Maui County residents are urged to report significant property damage inflicted by large surf and swells that impacted the coastlines of Maui, Molokai and Lanai earlier this month, the Maui Emergency Management Agency announced.

Residents can use an online form to document and report large surf damage. The form can be found at crisistrack.com/public/mauiHI/request.html

“Maui County needs this information from our residents to make the best case possible for federal assistance to help pay for property and infrastructure damage caused by large surf and swells,” said Mayor Michael Victorino. “The Maui Emergency Management Agency will use the information to complete a damage assessment for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency to determine whether the County is eligible to receive federal funding.”

For more information about reporting weather-related damage, call the Maui Emergency Management Agency at (808) 270-7285 or visit mauicounty.gov/70/Emergency-Management-Agency.


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