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Renewable Energy Cooperative Workshop

Shake Energy Collaborative News Release

On Saturday, Nov. 7 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., we will host a virtual public meeting to further our progress on designing renewable energy on Molokai to be locally owned and operated by a newly forming Cooperative.

At this meeting, we will host second round interviews for energy development companies that are interested in partnering with the cooperative and co-developer, Shake Energy Collaborative. We interviewed six companies at our last meeting on Saturday, Oct. 24. After review, we invited the best fit companies back for a more in-depth conversation on Nov. 7.

If you would like to attend this virtual public meeting, please reach out to Ali Andrews, CEO of Shake Energy Collaborative, at ali@shake-energy.com. If you are a new participant, feel free to reach out soon so that I can catch you up and you can jump in with both feet.

This follows in a series of community workshops hosted virtually about Community-Based Renewable Energy (CBRE) on Molokai. These meetings are held regularly every two weeks to continue the effort to formalize this energy cooperative and design the projects it will own and operate.

Shake Energy Collaborative is a woman-owned, public benefits corporation energy development start-up based in Fresno, California. For more information about the company, visit us at shake-energy.com


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