Removal of Veteran Board

This is a public letter to Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans and our latest bogus appointed commander, directors and officers. 

After more than six years, four appointed Commanders with no transparency, no accountability, including our silly investigation by the Attorney General Office, we have gotten nowhere.

Nevertheless, accordingly this is a 30-day notice, Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans Annual Membership Meeting is to be held in the month of November. 

Please be advised, Hawaii Nonprofit Corporation Act Section 414 D-138 states that the Members of a nonprofit corporation may remove one or more directors elected by them without cause.  Section (g) that an entire Board of Directors may be removed under this section of the law.  On June 15, 2019, this right of action by the membership of Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans was carried out.

Before there are any more bogus elections, appointed commanders, directors or officers, make available for membership review, whatever internal audit was made on behalf of MVCV, all BOD minutes, documents and records pertaining to our Lanikeha Veterans scam. 

Samuel L. Kealoha Jr.  

MVCV lifetime member


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