Remembering the Best of Winter Waves

Photo by Steve Wagner

As the winter swells come to their inevitable season’s conclusion, Molokai surfers, bodyboarders and wave enthusiasts look back on memorable rides and wipeouts. Dan Emhof and Chisan Stone, pictured above, conquered some of the season’s best waves.
Emhof explained that he scored on an uncommon, perfect swell for Molokai in late February.
“It’s very rare that it gets that good, if ever,” said Emhof about his unforgettable wave. “Molokai’s not really a surf destination.”
A combination of geography and wind means that Molokai isn’t as consistent with waves as other Hawaiian Islands, he explained. However, that doesn’t stop the Molokai surfers from charging when the opportunity presents itself.
While surfing is an important part of surfers’ lives, Emhof explained that he only gets in the water “after all the other work is done.”
Afterall, “you can’t eat a surfboard,” he explained.


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