Remembering Our Sister

Rebecca Momilani Sanchez-Kekoa

Sept. 28 marked our sister’s 10th year of passing. We miss her so much – her smiles, laughter, kindness, caring, beauty and love that she had toward everyone. Becca will always be special. She has given us so much love and lots of memories to remember her by, on her short time with us. She was always so quiet, shy and totally innocent. When we lost our sister, it was like the world came to an end. We had questions that couldn’t be answered, we held anger, and I myself wanted revenge, feeling so helpless.

Ten years have gone by and we all often go and visit our sister’s grave. At times we talk to her, cry to her and just share how much we miss and love her so. Our tears would drop onto her grave and for a moment, we would just stare into the ground. Becca always wanted grandkids as we shared to one another. She leaves behind five grandchildren and her four children, all whom are doing ok. She is now guiding over each and every one of them. Our sister’s legacy will always be in our harts. The years have gone by so fast and although Becca is not with us, she is with our father and mother in heaven.

All our love,
April, Boy and Buteh


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