Remembering Hal Newman

On the road again

As the sun rises in the east

Birds heard chirping against a changing sky.

Island community wakes

Lush, green and rainbow

Colors set against a

Northern cliff backdrop

That is east end Molokai.

A lone figure appears on 

The blacktop, navigating 

Toward the roadway, the 

Ocean and the secrets of 

Fishponds, old gas stations,

Coconut palms, towering

Mountains, lost horizons.

Greetings exchanged, vistas

Viewed and the heart and

Lungs renewed.

To the north, the church.

To the south, the ponds.

Acknowledgment and 

Thanks to another day

In the island way of

Luminous, living color.

Shirlee Newman, Hal’s loving wife

Hal was 94 when he passed away in October, 2022.



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