Reflections of an MOC President

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By Allen Tancayo

I have been the president of the Board of Directors for Molokai Occupational Center (MOC) throughout Grant Sullivan’s tenure as executive director. As president, I am aware that certain disgruntled ex-employees and newly elected members of the board have pressured Mr. Sullivan into resigning using false allegations, harassment and threats. For the record, I would like to assure you that Mr. Sullivan is not guilty of any wrong doing or anything deserving termination. On the contrary, I have witnessed on a weekly basis Mr. Sullivan carrying out his duties with the utmost patience, generosity, integrity and professionalism.

I can tell you first hand that the allegations that have been spread recently are false. The allegation of sexual harassment was rumor, started by a disgruntled male employee trying to retaliate against Grant. I personally spoke with the alleged victim and her family, and the rumor was entirely false and no charges were ever filed. As far as the allegation of wrongful termination – in the last two years Grant only terminated two employees, both after repeated instances of serious cause for termination. The terminations were made in consultation with and supported by the board of directors.

Grant accepted this position in September 2006, with no assurance of salary because the MOC was operating in the red with no money in the bank. By the end of Grant’s second year he had increased MOC’s revenue from $23,000 a month to $62,000 a month. As of November 2010, Grant helped MOC to produce over $2.5 million in revenue, created over 40 jobs, created about $300,000 in net assets and provided an excess in revenue of $102,885 which we still have in the bank. The allegation that we are headed for bankruptcy was not only a scare tactic but was also false.

To all administration, staff and board of directors of the MOC: it is with a heavy heart and in the best interest of my personal health and well-being that I resign from my position as president. It has been a great honor and privilege serving the MOC and seeing our organization make such great strides for the disabled citizens of Molokai. It has been difficult to fulfill the visions and decisions that affect the MOC.

Sadly, I feel that the vision and intentions of this wonderful organization have been tainted by a great lack of respect. That lack stems from hearsay, negative news of each other, lack of communication, lack of consideration, unfair treatment, difference of opinions and a lot of other, ugly nitpicking behaviors that just don’t feel right to me. We have forgotten that MOC was envisioned and built by people who have aloha for our community. The creators of the vision saw a need for disabled people and people in need, wanting to make contribution to our community. This group depends on the resources of the MOC and the services it provides. They are happy to be working alongside the staff here. When people managing an organization such as the MOC lose sight of the good they are doing because of difference amongst themselves, the loss of motivation, negative feelings and the loss of vision – it begins to reflect in all that they do.

For 20 or so years of service, I have given and gotten a lot of respect form past and some present board members. There are few that, at times, meet resistance, but that comes from a deficiency in the information to them. There were issues discussed that were way too personal and did not reflect the vision of MOC. Those, I felt, should have been left alone. There were also times when I was involved in particular decision, where I felt that my many years of knowledge and experience was not valued or not taken into consideration.

I pray that you will replace me with someone just as knowledgeable, who has even more experience than I. Please bring in someone who can renew and continue the vision of the MOC and its purpose in the Molokai community. As for the staff, workers and clients of the MOC – please stay positive and motivated. Be willing to overlook each other’s difference and work together with pride and aloha.

Vicki Boswell is currently the board president, as of an MOC board meeting last week.


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