Reflection on ‘A Road Less Taken’:

Profile of Walter Ritte in Hana Hou Magazine Shows Activist’s Sensitive Side to the Outside World

It is safe to say that Hawaiian Airlines has a strikingly better in-flight magazine than most rival airlines offer to their passengers; rather than the usual where-to-eat-dance-and-sleep tripe of so many of their competitors’ rags, Hano Hau magazine offers up in-depth, thoughtful articles on stories from environmental protectionism to pieces on obscure musicians to profiles of the work of local people. Amazingly, these profiles are sometimes even of people who live on islands that Hawaiian Airlines does not even fly to.

One of these subjects is Molokai’s own Walter Ritte, who was profiled in Hana Hou’s February/March (vol 10, no 1) edition. Presented in the article is a very even-handed, thoughtful portrait of the activist that does justice to Ritte’s desire for Molokai and to his character and personality. The piece does not shy away from mention of his arrests and time in prison, but also places great emphasis on the Hoolehua resident’s role in the genesis of the Hawaiian rights movement and his continued and unflinching capacity to stand up for what he believes in.

Cudos to Hana Hou and Hawaiian Airlines for giving their passengers such objective and intelligent food for thought, and for taking the time to listen to a man who, so often, people seem to want to muffle.

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