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Rainbows of Hope and Faith

Beautiful colors of rainbows of hope and faith — believe there’s a rainbow and hope, at the end of the darkness, smiling at the human race of Mother Earth. Never, ever lose hope. Faith is always there for the human race to touch it, feel it, see it. Believe it – it’s real.

Molokai, we all can create good beautiful things for ourselves, community, generations to follow. It’s our mission, reason, purpose for life. Molokai no ka heke, Friendly Island. Let’s all remember those two beautiful words with positive belief, it’s a happy example of hope and faith.

Molokai, life is beautiful, important, special every day. Enjoy the moment in this beautiful world that we all call home. Much mahalo for all the beautiful good things that everybody is doing from Molokai and outside of Molokai for the Molokai community. I very much appreciate it with love and aloha.

It’s a beautiful day, our heart beat is singing to all of us today. Enjoy it.

Saunoa Liva


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